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1. Ethtrade
Real company, Real project, we will work with professionals for real-world trading cryptocurrency. Was founded in 2015, online platform at ethtrade was launched in April 2016. Unit 3, Room 2207-9 Tower Two, Lippo Centre,89 Queensway, Admiralty, Hong Kong
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✔ since April 16, 2016
✔ More than 1.00.000 member
✔ Ethtrade -> Ultimate Passive Income
✔ Up to 25% - 30% monthly profit
✔ Average Daily profit 0.78% - 0.82% ( monday - Friday )
✔ Start your portofolio with only 10$
✔ Set Automatic re invest (coumponding) 
✔ The recommended investment period 60 days - 180 days
✔ invest in cryptocurrency trading with professional Team
✔ Accept Payment : Bitcoin / Ethereum / Advcash
✔ Withdraw your profit or your investment anytime you want
✔ Marketing plan is very good for long term
✔ Build your team to get more benefits
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If you create a portfolio in ethtrade, you'll get an average net profit of 0.78% [standard] per day (Monday - Friday) and 0.82% [top trade] per day (Monday - Friday)
Capital deposite / portfolios not in the lock, and you can withdraw at any time (on the recommended attract capital deposite after 60 days or more because of cuts)
Example: If you create a portfolio of 1.2 BTC, you will get a daily net profit amounted to 0.00936 BTC and capital deposite / portfolio amounted to 1.2 BTC can be withdrawn at any time.
Portfolio capital will be used for trading in the market cryptocurency, and team working ethtrade traders, investors do not need to do anything, investors just sit back to enjoy the results every day.
2. BitConnect Up to 40% every month ( Must Use Real Identity, One IP For One Account )
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4. Bitluna 2,5% Daily! Not Paying Many Account Has Been Suspend! Stop Invest

New Crypto Currency Mix With AdsClick.
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